Embrace Tranquil Days in the Heart of the Yarra Valley Veterinary Careers in Melbourne, Australia Find out why Lilydale Vet Centre is the perfect clinic to grow your career.

Are you ready to swap grey skies for the sunshine of Melbourne’s most beautiful wine region? An exciting opportunity awaits you at our small animal hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

At Lilydale Vet Centre, we consider our team, our clients, and their pets as one big family. Our values align with our mission of whole life care for our companions, emphasising the pet-first approach, quality of life, and technical expertise.

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Vet Life in Melbourne


Discover Your Veterinary Potential in the Green Oasis of Melbourne's Lilydale

Experience the true essence of Australian hospitality as you become part of our close-knit community, where neighbours aren't just friends; they're family.

And when you're not busy providing exceptional care to furry family members, your days off can be transformed into delightful adventures. Explore the picturesque Yarra Valley wineries, where lush vineyards and exquisite wines await your tasting pleasure.

Just a short journey away, Melbourne, the cultural heart of Australia, beckons with its diverse array of experiences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene, indulge your taste buds in world-class restaurants, and wander through museums and galleries that showcase the city's rich heritage.

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Thrive in Australia

Supporting Local & Overseas Veterinarians

From seamless travel arrangements to comfortable and rewarding compensation, we prioritise your needs and expertise, ensuring your time with us is unparalleled.

Travel Assistance

We understand that getting here is half the adventure. That's why we're putting AU$2000 towards your plane ticket, making your journey to Australia easier and more affordable.

Migration Assistance

We ensure you receive accurate advice and stay up-to-date on the latest legal requirements for migrating to Melbourne, Australia and begin practicing as a veterinary professional.

Lucrative Locum Rates

Your expertise is valued, and we offer competitive locum rates to ensure you are rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Visa and Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship and visa opportunities, empowering you to focus on what you do best – caring for animals.

Join Us if You're Passionate About Fun, Laughter, and Exceptional Pet Care!


At Lilydale Vet Centre, we believe in making work enjoyable. If you love sharing a joke with pet parents while providing exceptional care to their beloved fur babies, you'll fit right in. Our environment is perfect for someone with a bit of experience who craves variety in their work. We value quick thinking, a warm sense of humour, and the ability to adapt swiftly to different situations.

Come be a part of our lively team where every day is filled with smiles, laughter, and the joy of making a difference in the lives of pets and their families!"



Consultations, Quick Thinking & Basic Surgical Skills.

No two days are the same!

If you thrive in fast-paced environments and possess basic surgical skills, Lilydale Vet Centre is the place for you. We value veterinarians who are quick on their feet, ready to adapt to various situations, and provide exceptional care.

#3 Hands On Care

Continuous Learning

Grow in Expertise

At Lilydale Vet Centre, you'll have the chance to enhance your skills both at the practice, and also at. our partnership with VetLand, our 24-hour super-vet facility nearby. Upskill and learn advanced techniques, including CT scanning, advanced dental and BOAS. We believe in empowering our team to reach their full potential

#4 Learning

Pet Parent Engagement

Where Bonds Blossom

If you love building strong relationships with both pets and their parents, you'll feel right at home here. Our practice values the bond between pet parents and their furry companions, and we prioritise open communication and trust.

#5 Pet Parent Engagement

Nurturing Puppy Development

Fostering Happy Tails

Contribute to the growth of puppies through development programs, emphasising rehabilitation and holistic pet health practices.

#6 Puppies

Work Life Balance

Lilydale's Perfect Balance

Discover a harmonious balance of professional fulfillment and leisure in Lilydale. After work, explore the scenic wonders of the nearby Yarra Valley wineries, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility that this region has to offer. Experience the best of both worlds in this vibrant and picturesque corner of Melbourne.

#7 Lilydale

Community Centric Care

Where Expertise Meets Heart

Embrace the joy of practicing in a close community where your expertise and compassion make a real difference. Lilydale is a friendly neighbourhood that embraces diversity, making it a perfect place for veterinarians from all backgrounds.

#8Friendly community

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Transform Your Career:

Whether you are local or overseas,  if you are a compassionate veterinarian seeking a fulfilling career, where your skills and passion are appreciated, Lilydale Vet Centre welcomes you with open arms. Come be a part of our community-driven practice and make a meaningful impact on the lives of pets and their families.

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