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VetLand Puppy Academy

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The VetLand Puppy Academy has been developed by our veterinarians to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. We’re proud to deliver a unique program focusing on helping to build puppy confidence with their doggy peers and the world around them!


Inside a day at the Puppy Academy

Our Puppy Academy program is run at the brand new, modern VetLand Hospital & Emergency centre. The Academy offers a structured four-week "play group" service for pups aged 10-16 weeks, and a "kinder" for pups aged up to 8 months. Your puppy will spend the day playing and practicing their manners amongst all their new friends, with breaks for lunch and (of course) nap time.

Our hospital is staffed 24 hours by trained technicians, nurses, and veterinarians. Should our educators notice anything out of the ordinary with your puppy, allow us to arrange a health check during their day.

Puppies are actively supervised to ensure all puppies are free to explore in a safe environment.

Group 1
My family meets with my puppy educator.

They always like to talk about how my training is going at home, and if there’s anything that’s bothering me.

Group 499
I get to play with my friends. A LOT.

I have made lots of people friends as well as puppy friends, everyone is always so excited to see me. I’m learning not to be too loud when saying ‘hello’ as it’s scary for my friends.

Group 502
And I get to play on my own as well

I love digging, and the ball pit is always a great place to find hidden snacks.

Group 500
Swimming class is my favourite part of the day!

My family signed me up for swimming lessons, I can’t wait to get in the water! I’ve really got the doggy paddle down-pat!

Group 503-1
My people friends help me feel nice and fresh.

At first I wasn’t too sure about having my nails trimmed, but I see it’s not so scary now, and I get lots of treats as well

Group 504
Yawn!!!! What a busy day, I’m ready for a nap now.


Group 506
My friends are all awake and ready to play again, too!

I’m so excited to wake up and see all my friends are still here.

Group 507
My family are back!

I can’t wait for my educator to tell my family all about my big adventure today! They say I’ve been the best boy, and can’t wait to see me back.

Our Most Popular Classes

Academy Packages & Inclusions

Puppy Play Group: 10-16 weeks old


  • 4 development days, over 4 consecutive weeks ($375 value)
  • practicing:
  • socialisation, manners, leash walking, nail trimming, feet & ear play, bathing
  • free vouchers upon graduation:
  • 1 x free growth/development consultation
  • 1 x 25% off first annual vaccination
  • 1 x DIY dog wash voucher ($12 value)
  • 1 x DIY owner/pup swim ($30 value)
Kinder: 5 visits


  • 5 kinder day visits ($375 value)
  • practicing:
  • safe socialisation, enrichment, manners, feeding, play, mental and physical development
  • services:
  • 1 x staff-assisted swim ($45 value)
  • 3 x nail trim ($35 value)
  • 1 x play exam with nurse
  • 1 x bath with nurse
  • free vouchers:
  • 1 x DIY owner/pup swim ($30 value)
  • 1 x DIY dog wash voucher ($12 value)
Kinder: 10 visits


  • 10 kinder day visits ($750 value)
  • practicing:
  • safe socialisation, enrichment, manners, feeding, play, mental and physical development
  • services:
  • 1 x staff-assisted swim ($45 value)
  • 5 x nail trims ($58 value)
  • 5 x play exams with nurse
  • 2 x baths with nurse
  • free vouchers:
  • 2 x DIY owner/pup swims ($60 value)
  • 2 x DIY dog wash vouchers ($24 value)
Single Session Puppy Kinder:
$75 per casual visit
incl. 1x Nail trim and Play Exam

Meet Our Educators

Jessi - HeadshotPuppy Academy VetLand
Jessi Caulfield
Puppy Academy Educator
Vicki Wade
Dr. Vicky Wade
Veterinarian, Certified Fear-Free Practitioner
Miranda Oosthuizen
Dr. Miranda Oosthuizen
Veterinarian, Certified Puppy School Provider

Frequently Asked Questions.

How old does my puppy need to be to attend kinder?

Our puppy kinder four week program is open to puppies between 10 - 14 weeks old. Puppies must be current with their second puppy vaccination. This is the time when their ability to benefit from socialisation is at its peak.

Our Puppy Academy is a day program open on a casual basis to older puppies, between 4 - 8 months of age.

How long does the puppy academy last?

Our puppy kindergarten puppies program lasts for a total of 4 weeks. Although this only seems like a short window, it has been shown to be the critical social development period in puppies.

Older puppies can attend as often, or as little as they like within the age bracket of 4 - 8 months of age.

What if I cannot make it to one of our sessions?

Whilst we can’t make any guarantees, we are often able to get your puppy into another make-up session so that they don’t miss out

Will you teach my puppy to be the perfect pet at home?

The Puppy Academy is not a training event. Our goal is socialisation, which means introducing your puppy to brand new dogs, people and situations and creating a positive association. This has been shown to reduce fear, stress and anxiety as they become adults. Your puppy will need your help with this at home, too - as well as your toileting training, bite-inhibition and loose-lead walking.


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Expressions of Interest

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